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DIY- Summer Top

Aktualisiert: 22. Okt 2020


For this very simple top you need: a cloth bag (or jute bag); a pair of scissors and a small knife

Step one:

Take your cloth bag and your scissors and cut the handles in halves.

Step two:

Take a small knife and cut a hole at the bottom part in the cloth bag.

Step three:

Take your scissors and cut along the bottom part of the cloth bag. So that there is a second hole opposite the open part at the top of the bag.

Step four:

Before wearing it, you should iron the top.

Optionally, you can sew the outline of the lower cut and sew in a zipper to make it easier to put on the garment.

Step five:

Step five:

Pull the cloth bag over your head and tie the ends to little bows on your shoulder and voilá, you can now enjoy your new top.

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